• Locations in Lewisburg and Beckley, West Virginia
  • Monday–Friday: 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
  • Beckley (304) 255-0005
  • Lewisburg (304) 645-4565
  • Locations in Lewisburg and Beckley, West Virginia
  • Monday–Friday: 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
  • Beckley (304) 255-0005
  • Lewisburg (304) 645-4565

Five Good Driving Practices

1. Always be aware of speed zone changes.

While traveling on the road, especially if you drive the same route every day, it can be very easy to become complacent and forget about the changes that may occur on your drive. Maintaining awareness of the different speed zones you’re traveling through will help you consistently make safe decisions while driving.

2. Avoid handling your cellphone.

The use of personal cellphones has made our lives much more convenient. Unfortunately, they have also contributed to an overwhelming number of automobile accidents in recent years. Most automobile manufacturers have worked very hard to include hands free mobile options all across their various makes and models of vehicles to insure that you have the option to utilize the basic functions of your phone while never having to take your hands away from your steering wheel or your eyes away from the road. Always avoid handling your cellphone while operating a vehicle. In in the unfortunate event of an emergency in which you must handle your phone, find a safe place to pull off the side of the road before physically handling your cellphone.

3. Avoid eating while you drive.

The convenience of driving to your favorite burger joint, buying your favorite burger, and then eating it while never having to leave your vehicle seems very tempting! It is also extremely dangerous! Eating while operating your vehicle can cause a multitude of problems. At the very least, you risk ruining your clothes for that day, at the most, you could cause an unfortunate accident harming yourself or others. No matter how delicious that burger is, it just isn’t worth it! Take the time to eat your food while your vehicle is parked or wait until you’ve reach your destination before you dig in!

4. Use minimal engagement with passengers.

If you have passengers it is very important to remember that they’re not just spending this time in a vehicle with you to get somewhere, but you have entered into a silent contract with those people. A contract that you signed the second you put your foot on the gas. They have demonstrated that they trust you to get them, as well as yourself to a destination safely. A lot of times these passengers are good friends of yours and feel very comfortable having conversations with you. While interacting with your friends to a limited to degree while chauffeuring them may not cause you a distraction, always limit your engagement to a point you feel very comfortable with while driving. If having certain passengers proves to be problematic for your performance on the road, consider asking them to find other means of transportation. Your safety as well as theirs is paramount!

5. Secure any loose objects before you travel.

Keeping a tidy vehicle can certainly help with this one! Many of us have very busy lives with very busy schedules. Often times these busy lives mean that we carry most of our things in our vehicles. Whether it is a wrapper from that burger joint you love so much or a water bottle that has made it’s way under your seat, the objects that are freely moving about your vehicle while you’re driving can create many dangerous scenarios for you. Bottles in your floor board can roll under your gas or brake pedals disabling your ability to use them, the stack of papers in your sun visor can fall and obstruct your vision. It is worth the few minutes it may take you to do a quick sweep of your vehicle, throw away any trash that may be in it and secure any other objects from moving around while you’re driving and potentially causing an accident!

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