Healthy Lifestyles to Pick Up During the Winter

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As it gets colder, we feel more and more obliged to become the epitome of the perfect couch potato. Stores everywhere sell the fluffiest blankets in all sorts of colors that may match your Christmas tree, and you of course grab the softest one. It’s winter time as soon as you turn the AC off and the heat starts rolling.

When it gets colder, it’s harder to go outside and do your daily walk or run. (If you do.) You have to throw on more layers to combat the wind chill as the frosty air stabs your throat and lungs. Exercising isn’t really the most enjoyable thing to begin with, so when you add the extra discomfort of the outside air trying to freeze your toes off, it’s not ideal.

Becoming a couch potato is a lot easier. You can cuddle up on the couch under your fancy new blanket, grab a warm cup of hot chocolate, and turn on Netflix. This is the perfect scenario, but your body will not thank you. Here are a few ways to combat that so you can be ready for the warmer seasons.

1. Bring the Exercise Indoors

It’s easier said than done when you may not have exercise equipment of your own. A stationary bike or treadmill are great pieces of equipment you can own, but if you don’t have the room or budget, head for the local gym or YMCA! If you don’t want to leave the house, grab an exercise mat and a kettlebell you can lift and search up easy exercises to do. There are a lot of body weight (without any equipment) exercises that can get the blood pumping.

2. Partner with a Buddy to Hold Accountable

For the winter months, it’s a time to gather with your friends and set goals for the New Year. Crush them early together by setting a few goals beforehand, that way you can easily prepare for the resolutions as they come. It’s easier when you have someone to hold you accountable (or guilt trip) you into keeping your goals.

3. Yoga

Always a chill exercise, and most poses do not require any equipment. You have YouTube on almost every device in your house now, so find an awesome YouTube Yoga channels to get you started! Definitely stretch, first, and if you’re new with Yoga, start with SUPER basic poses to get you warmed up. You may feel nothing at first, but Yoga works the entire body, so you’ll be feeling it in the morning.

4. Video Game Dancing

Video Games are a couch potato’s best friend, but they do not have to be! There are a ton of awesome active games out there, including Just Dance and the Nintendo Switch’s new invention, the Ring Fit Adventure. Both are a sure-fire way to get you off your sofa and start moving. Just Dance is available on a crazy amount of gaming platforms (even that ancient Wii collecting dust), and some you can even use your phone for! It’s a fun way to get active and warm up. Tag team it with your partner and they could even be a backup dancer.

5. Indoor Pools

Swimming is mostly considered a Summertime activity, but it can be great in the winter, too! You can check out your local gym or YMCA to see if they have an indoor swimming pool, and plan a visit. Swimming is an awesome workout that works your core. Make sure you bundle up nicely and don’t wear flip flops in the snow!

There are always ways to make due with what you are given. This little list hopefully gathers some pep in your step so you can tackle this winter and not be beaten down by seasonal depression. Thanksgiving and Christmas both have awesome feasts, so you want to make sure you don’t immediately regret your decisions during those times, especially when you’re wanting to better yourself for the New Year. A healthy lifestyle is great for providing a future for you and your family!

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