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  • Locations in Lewisburg and Beckley, West Virginia
  • Monday–Friday: 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
  • Beckley (304) 255-0005
  • Lewisburg (304) 645-4565

Landscaping: Things to Consider Before Hiring a Service

Does your home’s landscaping need some work? Here are a few questions that you should consider asking before you hire a professional landscaping service. Good landscaping can add some serious curb appeal to your home and help create cohesiveness in your outdoor space.

  1. Are they licensed?
    While not all states require a contractor to be licensed, other legal requirements usually must be fulfilled. Some states require a Nursery Dealers Certificate which permits the company to sell plants to you.
  2. Are they insured?
    Professional lawn care businesses should always carry insurance to protect them and their customers. When selecting a company to hire, you should make sure they have Workers Compensation Insurance and Business Liability Insurance. If an uninsured contractor is injured or causes damage to your property, you could be held liable.
  3. What are their credentials?
    A trade association membership is a good indication that they take business seriously. It’s also not a bad idea to find out if they have completed any certification program. Certifications demonstrate competency and a high level of knowledge about their trade.
  4. Do they have a portfolio of finished properties?
    Landscape contractors who take pride in performing quality work typically have a portfolio of photos of projects which have been completed.
  5. Can they provide an estimate for your landscaping project?
    For any major project, a written estimate of the service which includes details on what is covered and included is a must. Everyone has a budget and if an estimate is more than what you were planning on paying, you may consider scaling back the project or breaking it up into sections to be completed at a later date.

Finding the right landscaper is definitely worth the time and effort. Once you feel that all your questions have been answered and are comfortable with your choice, you are one step closer to seeing your new landscape unfold. And don’t forget to check in with your Lexington First Insurance LLC agent once the updates have been made. You’ll want to make sure your new outdoor investments are included in your home insurance plan.

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