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  • Locations in Lewisburg and Beckley, West Virginia
  • Monday–Friday: 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
  • Beckley (304) 255-0005
  • Lewisburg (304) 645-4565

Ways to Save: Car Insurance

Saving money where and when we can is important to everyone. Coupons, sales and discounts are a few of the ways companies help make things cheaper. Sometimes, though, there are things we don’t have a coupon for – like car insurance. So how do we save money on something like that? Well, it can be easier than you think!

If you can, take the time to do research on car insurance prices before you buy your next car. Different types and ages of cars can change the rates of your insurance premiums. That luxury or sports car you’re eyeing can cost you more than just a hefty sticker price. Insurance can be higher on those cars because the cost to repair them in the event of an accident is often higher. Research what the claim rates are on the car model you’re looking at as well. Want a safer option? Certain family vehicles, like SUVs, tend to have lower insurance premiums. The better safety features, the better your premium will likely end up. So that car with anti-theft devices and features to ensure personal safety of you and your passengers could end up with better rates than another make or model you’re looking towards.

If you already own your car and just need cheaper insurance, you’re in the same boat as a lot of people. Get quotes to compare and contrast and find your best option.

Raise your deductible.

One way to lower your monthly rate is to raise your deductible. Just make sure that you put the money for your deductible aside so if you unfortunately need to pay it, you already have it ready.

Bundle your insurance.

Bundling your auto and home insurance can save you some green. While there are several factors and it isn’t a guarantee, inquiring about it is always worth the time.

Build your credit score.

Another way is to keep a good credit history and credit score. Much like many other things in our adult lives, our credit score tends to follow us in many aspects of life. Insurance can be one of those things.

The best way is to ask your insurance agent what you can do to help your premium costs. They know their jobs and they know them well and our team at West Virginia Insurance Agency is here to help you!

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