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  • Locations in Lewisburg and Beckley, West Virginia
  • Monday–Friday: 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
  • Beckley (304) 255-0005
  • Lewisburg (304) 645-4565



As a hotel/motel owner, there are many moving parts in the day to day operations with customer satisfaction as your top priority. We offer special insurance options for hotels and other hospitality business owners just like you.


Off-Premises Property

 You have up to $25,000 to cover property temporarily away from your hotel or motel.

Building Ordinance and Law

This is in case an ordinance or law increases the cost of construction on your building after a loss caused by a fire, windstorm or other covered cause.

Liability for Guests’ Property

This is in case you become legally liable to pay for a guest’s property that was damaged while in your hotel’s or motel’s possession.

Property Losses

This is for fires, natural disasters like tornados, and more.

Equipment Breakdown

This is for needed repairs or replacement of equipment such as refrigerators, freezers, telephones, computers and heating/cooling equipment after an equipment breakdown caused by something like a power surge due to a covered loss.

Income Protection

This is to protect income when a covered loss shuts down your hotel or motel.

Workers’ Compensation

In the event an employee suffers an injury or disease arising in the course and the scope of their employment, regardless of negligence on your part, you are covered.

Liability Protection

If you become legally liable for injuries suffered by a guest after something like a slip-and-fall accident at your hotel, you are covered.

Employment Practices Liability

In the event an employee claims they’ve experienced employment discrimination, wrongful termination and sexual harassment, you are covered. (Available for purchase by a separate policy.)


This option is to reproduce or replace accounts receivable records in the event of a covered loss.

This option is for notifying and helping your affected customers and provides your business with crisis resolution services. (Available for purchase as an additional coverage on select policies.)

This option is to cover loss from a computer virus that corrupts your computer system.

This option is to protect you against employee theft, which can be difficult to detect.

This option is to protect you against instances of check, credit, debit or charge card forgery and alteration.

This option is to help cover a loss caused by water or sewage that backs up through sewers or drains or overflows from a sump pump. (Available for purchase as an additional coverage.)

This option is to restore or replace certain important financial documents and deeds that may be damaged in a fire.

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